Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022a
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Antique Shadow Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle


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Product Description

Unique Antique Shadow Chinese

Agate Snuff Bottle

Hand-Carved with Lion/Mask/Dragon Ring

Relief Handles & Rose Stopper

Agate Snuff Bottle Combo 09-3022Height with Stopper: 3in (7.62cm)
Height without Stopper: 2.56in (6.5cm)
Width: 2.375in (6.03cm)
Diameter of Mouth: 0.35in (.9cm)
Diameter of Neck: 1in (2.6cm)
Weight: 3.217 oz.  (91.18 gram)

Period: ~Qing dynasty (1644–1911), ~Qianlong period (1736–95)

Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022a

Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022q

Small Crack in Stone


Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022h

Rose Stopper, Bone Spoon


Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022e

Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022g

Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022f         Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022j Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022k

Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022i Agate Snuff Bottle 09-3022l


“While snuff first came to China from the West, the snuff bottle is an absolute Chinese invention which combines the Chinese and western cultures. It’s said that snuff was introduced to China between the end of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the beginning of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) by Mattel Ricci. Due to its mild anesthetic properties which help people relax, it was widely appreciated by the royal family, who belonged to the Man ethnic minority. As time passed, snuff gradually took on oriental characteristics and eventually, snuff bottles emerged.”

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A shadow agate snuff bottle
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