New and Upcoming Militaria for Auction from Collect-Sell

Collect-Sell is pleased to present several new militaria swords up for auction and to announce upcoming auctions for some very rare British military gorgets!

If you are a collector of swords, you are in luck! We are working with a consigner with a very large collection we will be working through. We have three currently available on on eBay all starting at very reasonable prices! The first one is a
Heavy French Cavalry Sword for Chile. It was made in the 1890s in France for the Chilean military. A beautiful piece, it is enscribed Manufacture d’armes de Chatellerault meaning it was manufactured by the French state-owned weapon manufacturer in the town of Châtellerault.

The next one up for bid is a German WWII Cadet Sword by WK&C (WKC).  This one is made by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co (WKC) who has been manufacturing military swords and cutlery in Solingen, Germany- a city famous since the middle ages for its metal-working and craftsmanship in sword making. However, this one is shorter than standard issue original Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. German WWII Cadet sword. This sword may have been cut down is size after breakage or some other damage.

The last we currently have up for bid is an Austrian Model 1861 (M1861) Infantry Officer’s Sword. This one is a child sized sword cut down from a full size field sword used by the Austrians in WWI.

If you like swords, stay tuned we will have new ones coming in all the time. If you like militaria in general, you may be very interested in some special gorgets we will be auctioning the coming Sunday the March 2!

On Sunday we will bring our “1796 Model” Brass Gilt British Officer’s Gorget to the auction block. This British 1796 Universal Pattern officer’s gorget dates to the late 18th-first quarter of the 19th c. and was worn by all officers in British army. The front is beautifully engraved with the George III monogram – crowned GR, and is flanked with olive branches. The inside is nicely patinated and shows hammering marks.

Also on Sunday, we are very excited to be auctioning a very rare 7th Royal Fusiliers British Officer’s Gilt Brass Gorget! This gorget has a very rich history dating back to its creation sometime before 1796. The last identical item sold was in mint condition in 2005 and sold for $12,000 through Stack’s.