About Collect-Sell

Collect-Sell.com purchases, sells, and consigns high quality antiques and collectibles. We post new items all the time! Our family business seeks unique individual items at auctions, estate sales, and by word of mouth. We also consign entire estates and large lots of items for individuals and families. Our goal is to connect buyers and sellers worldwide to get the best value for your collectibles.

Utilize our great photography and thorough product research to get top dollar for your collectible items.  Take advantage of our wide network to find rare items you have always been looking for.  Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.

It is very easy to turn your collectibles into cash at Collect-Sell.com!  Just fill out the Sell Form to let us know about your items.  We will get you top dollar as quickly and smoothly as possible! Collect-Sell will assess your item and contact you a “ballpark range” of what it is worth.

Collect-Sell is interested in small collectibles such as coins & currency, watches, jewelry, historical, and war relics.  Collect-Sell only deals original items. Collect-Sell must examine your items in hand before payment.

Commission is 40% of total sale for items sold for less than $100, only 30% for items $100 to $500.  If you have larger collections or extremely valuable items we will arrange a fair commission for both parties.  Nothing is put up for sale until you, the consignor, approve the photos, description, and price.